Upgrading Your Commercial Kitchen

August 3rd, 2015 by

Upgrading the commercial kitchen in your restaurant or diner may sound like a huge undertaking but if production is slow, there is a massive backlog, heavy odor and the doors are beginning to creak, it maybe time you refurbished your kitchen a bit. Renovating certain areas of your eatery need not be a massive project if you do it methodically. It actually may be a chance to spruce up the appeal of your restaurant.

Follow these steps to ensure that all areas that have to be repaired or replaced are seen to.

Look around

Before deciding what to repair or replace, look around and note down other areas that can be repaired or would need to be repaired in a couple months. Foresee areas that would need your attention. Try to increase the security of your restaurant as well as your exterior storage areas. Using commercial door to increase security would greatly improve the safety of your resources. Invest in kitchen extractor fans which would allow less smoke or odor to build up and leave your kitchen easy to work in.

Speak to your employees and get their input as to what needs to be looked into. They would probably have a better idea as to what is going on in your restaurant as they are entirely involved in the operations of the restaurant.

Think long term

When choosing the items you would need to replace, it is important that you think long term. When deciding the replacements, consider how much of maintenance it would need. For instance, replacing your wood doors with commercial doors which would allow you heightened security plus less maintenance on the long run. Invest in stainless steel appliances. They require less maintenance and are considerably durable. If you are seeking for more security doors visit this link http://www.bartelsecuritydoors.com.au/ for more details.


Look into your various options. When choosing to replace your current items, always research something better and long lasting. Remember that a good investment into your kitchen utilities would ensure you have no problems or at least half its durable life time. So before spending your money, you would need to look at all available options.

General renovation

Once you have attended to the replace and repair in the kitchen, slap on a new coat of paint to give the restaurant a new look. If your restaurant has timber bench tops, replace them with stone or choose the laminate option. These are longer lasting and don’t require much maintenance and will also give your restaurant a more contemporary look.

Refurbish your restaurant keeping in mind that the longer it lasts, the better. Invest on items that are necessary as well as worth the price. Do your research and take your time and make your decision. Make sure that it is not only effective but also possesses an appealing look to your customers.